After-sales policy

  • Return and exchange policy

    Within 15 days from the date of receipt, SYLPH smart hair dryer can be replaced or repaired in case of non-human damage to its performance. The complimentary goods are not included in the scope of replacement, and the logistics costs incurred shall be borne by the company.

  • Warranty period

    The warranty period of hair dryer body, hair dryer power supply, main components motor and circuit board is 2 years, and the warranty period of power supply, seals and other accessories is 1 year.

Non-insurance policy

    1. The validity period of San Bao has expired
    2. Damage caused by human factors
    3. Any damage caused by use, maintenance and adjustment not in accordance with the requirements of the User's Manual
    4. No warranty card, invoice or warranty card is inconsistent with invoice information
    5. Failure or damage caused by forced use of this product beyond normal use conditions
    6. Remove or repair without authorization of the origin of species
    7. Malicious damage to warranty card content and product information, including fuzzy damage, self-tearing, tampering, etc
    8. Other failures and damages not caused by the design, manufacturing, quality and other problems of the product itself

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