• I

    Sylph comes from ancient Greek mythology, which means "spirit of the air“. Its products come from the care and love of Simon Lin, founder and engineer, for his wife.

  • II

    Simon's wife is a well-known ballet dancer. Sometimes she has 3 or 4 shows in one day and each shows has different hair styles. To shorten styling time, stylist used traditional hair dryer to dry and style.
    After a long time, high temperature of traditional hair dryer caused irreversible damage to her hair.  To protect hair, she used all the best hair conditioners but useless. How important hair to lady is self-evident. Simon hoped to do something.

  • III

    Based on his previous experience in the robot industry, he tried to redesign the hair dryer with new technology. In order to create an ultimate product, 94.2% of the parts on SYLPH have been newly customized after more than 2 years of technical research and development and up to 3000 hours of scene experiments.The technical team redesigned the
    technical modules of aerodynamics/negative ion generation/driving energy/high-frequency sensing and so on, so that SYLPH hair dryer now can be presented to you in a brand new way.