How to buy SYLPH?

SYLPH products and accessories are currently sold in the global mainstream market.

 China's official purchase channels include:

  1. Tmall SYLPH official flagship store
  2. sylph.tmall.com
  3. Xiaohongshu SYLPH official flagship store
  4. Official mobile flagship store of WeChat SYLPH


Does the hair dryer have radiation?

No matter computers, televisions, microwave ovens, or flashlights and other household appliances, as long as they are electric products, they will radiate electromagnetic fields more or less when used.
The radiation value depends on the electromagnetic wave frequency of the appliance. The radiation frequency value of SYLPH hair dryer is much lower than the frequency value of our daily mobile phones and microwave ovens.

How much is free of charge?

All SYLPH products enjoy mail-free service (excluding accessories), and we uniformly use SF Express.

What is the temperature control technology of SYLPH hair dryer?

In the traditional hair blowing technology, when the air nozzle is close to the hair for hair blowing, the air outlet is blocked, resulting in a sharp rise in air temperature and burning the hair.
SYLPH's unique advantage is intelligent temperature control technology. There is a high-frequency thermal sensor at the air outlet, which can detect the air outlet temperature 50 times per second and feel the ambient temperature. Then, through the microprocessor chip and intelligent heating element, the rapid temperature adjustment can prevent the hair from overheating damage.

Does SYLPH hair dryer have negative ion function?

SYLPH hair dryer is equipped with negative ion function. The role of negative ion is to eliminate static electricity and quickly close hair scales.
SYLPH has a unique negative ion design at the circuit board level, and the actual negative ion density can reach 3-5 times of that of conventional hair dryer.

It looks light and small. Will it break?

SYLPH hair dryer is made of aviation grade composite material, the body is resistant to falling, and high-strength glass fiber is added to further improve the strength, chemical resistance and heat resistance of the product.
SYLPH hair dryer has passed strict life test. During the test phase, 2000 drops, 400000 wire folds, 60000 key presses and other tests will be carried out, which can be used normally in the indoor environment of - 20 ℃~70 ℃.